Caviar Beluga 000 125g

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Sos Beluga caviar 000 from different sizes. Beluga is the biggest fish with the most expensive caviar.Beluga caviar is characterized by an absolutely unmistakable character through its enormous and soft grains, of light turning dark grey colour. Its complex flavour, enlarged at the end, is catalogued as the most exclusive gifts that can be done. These are not just roe from fish, but a magic explosion of flavours in the taste. Is the biggest fish from the three, hence, its roes are the biggest and most expensive ones. It is also the weirdest.The normal weight goes from 40 to 300 kg (regarding that sometimes can overpass 1000 kg) and the caviar obtained corresponds to a 15% of its weight. Its colour varies between diverse grey tones and its flavour is soft being more appreciated as lighter is its colour. The size of the roe oscillates between 2.5 and 3.5 mm. The caviar with the highest world's quality comes from countries bathed by Caspian Sea.

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