Chatka 100% legs (Crystal Line) 310g

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Chatka is the Russian King Crab Brand (Paralithodes camchaticus) caught in the pristine cold waters of the Okhotsk, Bering y Barents seas. Chatka is probably world's best seafood for their unique properties, with a firm texture and unique flavor that satisfies the taste of the best gourmets. Authentic Russian King Crab, the catch is a extremely dangerous fishery and the crab is caught using giant fishing traps that allows to load on board this huge crustaceans that reach in their adult stage an average weight of 10 Kilograms (10-12 years).These live Crustaceans are selected carefully to just obtain the best pieces that provide Chatka with the excellence of its brand. They are boiled only in sea water and handled carefully on board with hand care.Chatka has conquered the fame thanks to the juicy, delicious and exquisite meat. A real" gourmet" product, containing a high nutritional value.Chatka is recommended in low calorie diets, due the low caloric content of just 103 Kcal/100 grams. The juicy and delicious meat has 20% proteins of a high biologic value and poli-non saturated fatty acids like omega 3, of great importance in the prevention of heart diseases. Also has vitamin B6 and B12 and is a good source of minerals and micronutrients like potassium, yodo, zinc and phosphorusBecause Chatka is all Natural Product is highly appreciated by world best gourmets and chefs around the world.

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