Fleur de Sel small ceramic pot 30g

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Ibiza's 'Fleur de Sel' is white turning pale pink. Aromatic and subtle flavour. When one of these salt crystals melt in mouth is when one discovers how salt should really taste. Always humid and fresh!Salt extraction in Ibiza dates from 2700 years ago. This marine salt, extracted from the protected zone of Ses Salines d'Eivissa with very similar methods as the used by Carthaginians and Romans, is still one of the purest gifts from the mother nature.Joining together ancestral wisdom, sun, wind and air provides an exquisite natural salt that takes with it the ocean's essence. Salt from Ibiza granite type does not contain additives nor anticaking agents, maintaining its fluidity by being slightly thicker than the regular salt. Close the recipient and keep it in a fresh place.

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