Pack Cheese lovers + ChispaRosa 9.5% vol.

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ChispaRosa, sweet pink wine, 100% grenache, 9.5% vol., Fruity, refreshing and frizzante touch.

Wedge of Artisan Cheese of Goat / Sheep Reserve (250g), With a cure of more than 8 months this artisan cheese is one of the most appreciated among the most demanding palates. Intense taste. Recognized worldwide in International Cheese Festival, obtaining in 2015 a recognition award for its taste, texture and intensity.

Wedge of Artisan Cheese of Sheep Cured with Rosemary (250g), Cheese made only with raw sheep's milk in a traditional way and a touch of rosemary. Healing + 10 months. Medium Taste

Cured Sheep Craft Cheese Wedge (250g), 100% sheep milk cheese, made with raw milk by hand. Medium Taste

Wedge of Goat Cheese with Semicured Wine (250g), Made with goat's milk that graze in the Montes de Toledo. A cheese bathed in red wine, gives a touch and unique flavor. Soft.

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