Pack Delights of Sea and Land

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ChispaRosa, sweet pink wine, 100% grenache, 9.5% vol., Fruity, refreshing and frizzante touch.

Tuna in Partridge Sauce (315g), The perfect match between the fruits of the sea and the typical pickle of the game. Recipes that surprise the palate.

Paella Seafood Gourmet Kit (2-3 servings), Processed over low heat with natural ingredients and with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Gourmet Kit consisting of: prepared Paella de Marisco + 190g of Bahia Rice Extra Category. (2-3 servings).

Lomo de Orza Selecto (440g), a typical craft product from Castilla La Mancha, made as our grandmother taught us for decades. It is a luxury to taste this fantastic Parriza product and without forgetting that it is made only with natural ingredients.

Cecina Extra de Ciervo, sliced ​​(80g), Sliced ​​and vacuum packed in 80g blister. Made in a traditional way and only with natural ingredients. For lovers of hunting and those who want to taste traditional and natural products we offer this exquisite cecina.

Wedge of Goat Cheese with Semicured Wine (250g), Made with goat's milk that graze in the Montes de Toledo. A cheese bathed in red wine, gives a touch and unique flavor. Soft.
Caramelized pine nuts (95g), From the best pine forests of the Iberian Peninsula we select our pine nuts to be made by hand.

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