Tierra de Castilla Selection Pack

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Sangría Premium 7% vol., Crafted, elegant and natural. A combination of Toledo's best wine, a selection of quality fruits and a final touch of cinnamon.

Cecina Extra de Ciervo, sliced ​​(80g), Sliced ​​and vacuum packed in 80g blister. Made in a traditional way and only with natural ingredients. For lovers of hunting and those who want to taste traditional and natural products we offer this exquisite cecina.

Wedge of Artisan Cheese of Goat / Sheep Reserve (250g), With a cure of more than 8 months this artisan cheese is one of the most appreciated among the most demanding palates. Intense taste. Recognized worldwide in International Cheese Festival, obtaining in 2015 a recognition award for its taste, texture and intensity.

Pickled Red Partridge in Pickle (240g), a soft marinade and an extra partridge makes it one of Parriza's most requested products. Crafted with natural ingredients.

Wedge of Goat Cheese with Semicured Wine (250g), Made with goat's milk that graze in the Montes de Toledo. A cheese bathed in red wine, gives a touch and unique flavor. Soft.

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