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ChispaRosa, sweet pink wine, 100% grenache, 9.5% vol., Fruity, refreshing and frizzante touch.

Gourmet Kit Paella de Verduras (2-3 servings), Processed over low heat with natural ingredients and with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Gourmet Kit composed of: Prepared Vegetable Paella + 190g of Bay Rice Extra Category. (2-3 servings).

Dice of Eggplant of Almagro with Protected Geographical Indication (430g), An excellent preserved elaborated in Almagro (Ciudad Real). Aligned in an artisanal way and with our traditional recipe that our ancestors taught us for decades. An exquisite flavor for lovers of pickles and dressings. Ideal for salads or to serve as an accompaniment.

Natural peeled pine nuts (100g), From the best pine forests of the Iberian Peninsula we select our pine nuts to be made by hand.

Hazelnuts Toasted (100g), selected and toasted by hand. Product of Spain.

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