Honorable (with case) 70cl

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Description Wines made with the Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche varieties form the basis for the distillation of this exceptional brandy. The oldest "soleras" or parent wines of Honorable have remained in Limousin oak casks since 1960, which is when Don Miguel Torres started the ageing of this brandy.Tasting Notes Deep, rich, dark amber-coloured. It displays a concentrated complex bouquet, with marked overtones of spices, typical of lengthy ageing. Complex, majestic, with a lingering finish that leaves a velvety imprint on the palate.Grape varietes Folle Blanche: A minor grape variety sometimes used in wines that are later distilled in Cognac, France. Ugni Blanc: Also known as Trebbiano in Italy and Saint Emilion in Cognac (France). It is cultivated extensively in Italy and in the region of Cognac in France.

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