Japanese Sea Vegetable Salad 25g

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Clearspring Japanese Sea Vegetable Salad is unbleached and undyed, and when soaked and served with a vinaigrette dressing it makes an ideal side salad. Simply soak, season and serve alone or with garden salad vegetables. Each 25g pack contains 5 servings and the salad increases in volume considerably when soaked.Ingredients: Dried sea vegetables: wakame (Undaria pinnatifida), agar (Gelidium spp.), aka tsunomata (Chondrus ocellatus).Product weight - 25gHealth Benefits of Sea Vegetables According to Professor Arasaki of the University of Tokyo, sea vegetables contain more minerals than any other food.Weight Control If you're watching your weight, sea vegetables could be a useful addition to your diet. They are high in fibre, contain next to no calories and provide a good balance of essential minerals.

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