Organic Lady Carrot Cake Biscuits 150g

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Lady Carrot is as natural, fresh and tender as an organic carrot just out of the ground. But don't let first impressions fool you: you'll soon see that she's also bold and passionate. Her character is just as magical, sensual and captivating as the mix of aniseed, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and black pepper that gives her spice. She always walks the middle road between tradition and modernity - no time for fads. Dip her in a little mascarpone mixed with honey and you'll see her eyes light up (and yours too). Passion at first bite!It tastes good, and you know what's in it.*Don't judge Paul & Pippa biscuits on their appearance because no two are the same. That's because the ingredients are 100% natural. Nature is quirky, and so are our biscuits.

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